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friday. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> sandra shaw has a quick look at the forecast. >> earl has been downgraded. it was a category 4 storm. >> it was big at one time. >> it is a category 2 right now. it is all off shore. it gave a glancing blow to the outer banks last night. there were tropical storm force winds, some higher gusts up to about 70, 74. around ocean city, not much impact yet. there is some light rain. tropical storm force conditions are possible. there is a warning for the ocean city area. the flood advisory for the west side of the bay has been canceled. things are now looking good for the chesapeake bay.
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we are in store for an awesome friday. we have clouds last night and a front will be pushing through later on tonight. that means food news for the weekend. there will be plenty of sunshine. further details on hurricane earl in just a little bit. but now a year from the commute. >> we have just one incident to talk about. there is a downed pole at waverly woods in ellicott city. otherwise, we're looking very good around the area. 11 minutes on the outer loop west side and topside. 60 minutes and no problems at all. this is a live look outside at ocean city. it looks pretty quiet here at coastal highway. we switch over to a live view at centerpoint. in looks pretty clear if you head down to the beach right now. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11.
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>> hurricane earl ballou into the outer banks last night. >> the hurricane has been dropped to a hurricane to. residents were already under an evacuation order as rain ripped through the hatteras islands. the storm is expected to move north northeast for much of today, staying away from the mid-atlantic states. >> swimming is restricted today in ocean city. beachgoers are warned to be on alert. waves were up to 10 feet. head injuries and spinal cord injuries are all major concerns. two patients were airlifted to shock trauma this week. >> the memory of all the devastation left behind from the storm surge seven years ago is
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still fresh in the minds of residents of baltimore county. there was a meeting to discuss contingency plans. governor o'malley encourage homeowners to go through their own checklist. >> it is all our responsibility, the government and people who live here to be prepared for any eventuality. >> crews will be on hand for any necessary cleanups. the trial in the killing of ken harris continues. the judge said it probably will not be ending anytime soon. >> the jury selection is expected to take five days and the entire trial could take up to five weeks. jennifer franciotti joins us live with the latest. >> good morning. jury selection is proving difficult for a number of factors. nearly half the jury polled said five weeks would be an undue
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hardship. other people said they were a victim of a crime or they knew somebody who was a victim of a crime. jury selection itself is expected to take about five days. charles mcganey, gary collins, and jerome williams are all on trial, charged with murder in the shooting death of former baltimore city councilman ken harris. its stock by a lounge to use the restroom. he was ambushed as he tried to flee the scene. d need was collected from several items at the crime scene. it will be hard to find an impartial panel. >> i think it will be very difficult. take into consideration the media exposure this case already has. people have heard so much about this that they will be excluded
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because they have formed an opinion. >> the trial is expected to take five weeks to compete -- to complete. 50 witnesses are expected to be called, including the woman who said she was with harris the night he was killed. >> at least four explosive devices were found in montgomery county. they are believed to be associated with james lee. during the standoff, he told police he had explosives strapped to his body. a negotiator was then called in. authorities opened fire and killed tlee. >> robert bracelets worn for various illnesses have become a center of controversy. these pink bracelets are worn in
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support in the fight against breast cancer. it is what the bracelet's say. they say "i love boobies." they don't want to offend anyone. students admit to wearing them because of what they say. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think a principal's decision to ban and off caller bracelet was an overreaction, or was it appropriate? you can e-mail your response to >> 73 degrees on tv hill. has exploded in the gulf of mexico. here's a live look at traffic. this is the beltway at liberty road.
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>> welcome back. a very soupy 79 degrees downtown. hurricane earl is now to the southeast of cape hatteras. the latest advisory came in at 5:00 a.m. and indicated no weakening or strengthening. it is still a category 2 hurricane. it is well offshore. the spiral bands are heaviest around virginia beach. our impact will likely be minimal today. ocean city will be the most affected. you can see some light spiral bands starting to affect ocean city. earl is now moving to the north northeast at 18 miles per hour. it will take a more
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northeasterly turn later today. it will hit the southeast coast of new england. not a lot going on here. you can see the core of earl and the squeeze play taking place. it will push earl more to the east north east. it will take a good turn. it has weakened. we kind of botched a bullet. i have more coverage for you on that -- we kind of dogs dged a bullet. >> and oil rig exploded in the gulf of mexico. all people on board survived. there is no sign of an oil leak. >> a temporary cap on the bp damaged oil well has been removed. inis followed an explosion o
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april. the cap began begin officials want to examine the blowout preventer. >> 73 degrees on tv hill. coming up, the morning's financial news in the bloomberg business report. >> kia joins the recall list. details are next. >> we have one incident to talk about in ellicott city.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> it is labor day weekend. people are still going to the beach despite earl. >> first we do have bad incident indelicate city. there is a downed pole at waverly woods drive. there are power crews on the scene. it might prove to be a spectacle. we're up to speed on the major
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roadways. 57 on the j.f.x. heading south to the city. looking at 66 on 95 in the northeast corner. this is a coastal highway at ocean city. things a pretty quiet as earl precious by as you head down to the beach. things look great there in both directions. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> we are tracking hurricane earl. we'll take a look at our computer. this is what's earl is doing at the moment. you can see the spiral bands. a clear counterclockwise spin as earl is about 85 miles to the south of cape hatteras, north carolina. it is moving to the northeast at about 18 miles per hour. we're on the better side of the storm, the western side at ocean
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city. you can see some light spiraling. gusty winds are possible. some tropical storm type conditions are possible today. even off the shore of north carolina, the highest wind gust reported was 74 miles per hour. we are dodging a bullet. it looks like some rain around the ocean city. the rain will continue as it moves to the north northeast as before it takes a northeastern turn. it is a category 2 storm. it went from 140 miles-per-hour winds to about 105 miles per hour winds. it may weaken further. you cannot see the eye as well. high pressure has given us the high, dry conditions.
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we have the push with the westerly and the cold front that is going to steer it out of our direction. here's a look at the steering process. this is at about 9:00 a.m. this morning. ocean city may be the outer rain bands. it continues to move off shore. take a look. it heads up to the new england coast. maybe nantucket will be affected. nova scotia as it picks up speed. all in all, a big sigh of relief. we have cloud cover out there. 79 downtown. 77 in annapolis. one more hot one today. it will be the last of our 90- degree stretch. partly cloudy. the wind is picking up at 15 miles per hour. overnight we had a coastal
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flood advisory. just a low but above normal. there is a small craft advisory in effect. 64 to 70 tonight. bermuda will get hit by tropical storm of fire onfiona tonight. kicking up with the tropics. gorgeous weekend. 81 on labor day with plenty of sunshine. >> kia motors is recalling 35,000 vehicles. s are beingo' recalled. officials say they may have been improperly soldered.
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some 24,000 cars are affected. the last flame of summer gets underway. travel experts expect it to be busy. chris clackum has the story. >> there is a 10% increase of bookings in hotel rooms and vacation packages for this year's labor day holiday weekend. it is going to be a busy travel weekend. it has been all summer. >>abor day appears to be following the trend we have witnessed for memorial day and for the fourth of july. >> traveled all year has been better all year. so are gas prices, averaging $2.68 a gallon. >> it is much cheaper than it was back in 2008 when the price of gasoline was around $3.73 a gallon. gasoline prices are more in line
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with what we have seen last year. >> some may be hampered by hurricane earl, but overall, the experts expect a lively labor day weekend travel wise. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> just how bad is unemployment? we may find out later today. courtney donohoe joins us with a look at the bloomberg business news. tgif. >> same to you. jobs reports coming out this morning. monthly jobs report for august. the unemployment rate could move slightly higher to 9.6%. about 40,000 additional jobs were created last month. we could see sudden moves in stocks in either direction. we did have a higher close yesterday for stocks after a
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better than expected report from july pending home sales. hurricane earl may slammed insurance companies, especially travelers. the company could pay $183 million. it could cost allstate $161 million. cars are being recalled because of a possible fire hazard with errari. a new heat shield is being added. that is business news. i'm courtney donohoe reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. i will see you in a bit. >> thank you. mindy was grudging about having to take her fuerrari. >> for that much money, you would think it would work but who do think we have a ferrari,
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me or him? >> i wish i had a ferrari. yourming up, we'll check traffic and weather together. >> a bank robber decides to return the stolen money. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. do you think a principal's decision to ban an off-color bracelet was an overreaction, or was it appropriate? e-mail your response to
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>> a bank robber in north carolina at changed his mind. >> he tried to return the loot.
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>> family members said he is afraid of prison and that is why he brought to the money back. that does not mean you can take a crime itself back. this is now a place where he could spend a long time. this is the place. he robs a bank and returned to give the money back. this is a story you do not hear very often. police using describe bank robber getaways. we asked him as police drove him to jail. did you give it back? that is what they said. we want to know. he nodded yes. his mother and sister were stunned. they gave insight into why that moment of conscious happen. he got at the present a little
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more than a year and a half ago. he was speeding to elude police and he was charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon. ever since he got out of prison, he has been trying hard to find a job. he has no money and no where to go. on thursday, they think the combination became the reason for the alleged bank robbery. and bringing the money back? >> i do not know. >> relative say that is part of him that is scared of prison. he has not been the same since he got out of prison. he tried to avoid prison by bringing the money back because he is charged with bank robbery. he could get 20 years back in prison. >> that is a problem with ex- offenders. they do their time and come out and there are no jobs available. >> 73 degrees on tv hill.
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coming up -- >> i am alive in ocean city. we're keeping a close eye on earl. so far so good. we will have that report coming up. >> jury selection is proving difficult in the murder trial of ken harris. >> so far so good. we are still trapped in this category two hurricane. and your labor day weekend forecast. >> we are still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. question of the day. with a downed pole
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us this morning. let's get a check on weather and traffic.

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